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CLEVERDevelop a unique innovative product for the automatic, remote and real-time volume measuring and classification of solid and organic wasteEEA Grants Portugal
Port XXIIdentify innovative environmental monitoring and management services using satellite imageryEuropean Space Agency
ECCLIPSEAnalyzing the impact of climate change, developing tools and early forecasting models to provide a deeper understanding of the impact that climate change has on a local scaleInterreg (European Comission)
GISAMPImplementation of standards management and certification systems ISO28000, ISO 20858 and ISO 27001National (Fundo Azul)
EMERGEQuantify and evaluate the effects of potential emission reduction solutions for shipping in Europe for several scenariosHorizon 2020
5GrowthEmpower vertical industries such as Industry 4.0, Transportation, and Energy with an AI-driven Automated and Sharable 5G End-to-End SolutionHorizon 2020
Docks of the FutureDefine the Port of the Future, meant as a near future (2030) which should face challengesHorizon 2020
Clair - CityImprove air quality and carbon policy in European cities, with the involvement of citizens, stakeholders and politiciansHorizon 2020
Green PortsReducing greenhouse gas emissions in maritime transportHorizon 2020
Air quality and citizens’ health in urban areasEnhancing observations for air quality and citizens’ health in urban areasHorizon 2020

Energy transition

The Energy Transition Strategy

Brochure - The Energy Transition Strategy

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