Stretch of Coast

APA, SA's jurisdiction area includes:


The stretch of coast, within the maximum legal width limit of the public maritime domain, between the + 108 000 parallel (about 80 meters south of the South Jetty) and 50 meters north of the North Jetty;


The embankments included in the exploration and expansion of the port of Aveiro include the South Terminal, the North Terminal, the Liquid Bulk Terminal, the Solid Bulk Terminal, the Container and RO-RO Terminal, the Coastal Fishing Port and the High Sea Fishing Port;

Navigation Channels

The navigation channels adjacent to the exploration and expansion embankments (and their respective margins within the Public Maritime Domain):

  1. In the Mira channel - located north of the Barra bridge;
  2. In the São Jacinto channel - located south of the Pedra dock;
  3. In the Ílhavo channel - located north of the EN 109-7 bridge;
  4. In the main navigation channel, in the municipality of Aveiro - to the west of the eastern apex of the Moleira coast;
  5. In the Espinheiro canal - located south of a line that joins the southern apex of the Garras coast and the northern apex of the Cancela do Mar coast or Cancela do Sudoeste coast.

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