1. Optimising the existing available capacity to reinforce the handling of bulk and general cargo;
  2. Attract business to the Zona de Atividades Logísticas e Industriais (ZALI) - Logistics and Industrial Activities Zone - space available for the development of logistics and industrial activities;
  3. Invest in improving Safety, Environment and Quality (Green and Blue Port);
  4. Improve the management of port clients and the development of new business (container business, blue economy, among others);
  5. Maintain investment in infrastructure, namely maritime accessibility and intermodal terminal;
  6. Increasing International, National and Local Awareness and Visibility of the Port of Aveiro Brand;
  7. Technological modernisation of services and infrastructure.

Projects and Investments

The Port of Aveiro has ongoing investments in place to improve the port’s navigability conditions, the reinforcement of safety conditions, as well as the improvement of operating conditions at the terminals and railroad connectivity, with the main objective of increasing the efficiency of services and improving the environmental performance of all its activities.


Project to implement the operation
of the Liquid Bulk Terminal

Investment estimated at 2.6 million euros, with an estimated completion date of December 2020.

The present project consists of the operationalisation of the new dock bridges of the Liquid Bulk Terminal (No 24, No 25 and No 26), with the construction of the existing pipeline system connection to them and the implementation of rainwater and contaminated water system and firefighting network system.

The objective is to ensure that loading/unloading operations on the new Liquid Bulk Terminal dock bridges are carried out under the appropriate conditions of safety and environmental protection, enabling the increase of the movement of liquid bulk in the Port of Aveiro and strengthening the competitiveness of current and future port clients.


  1. Approval date - 24-07-2017
  2. Start date - 01-09-2017
  3. Completion date - 31-12-2020
  4. Total cost - 2.646.556,01 €
  5. Total eligible cost - 2.646.556,01 €
  6. European Union financial support - FCOES – 1.419.886,02 €
  7. National public financial support - APA, S.A. – 1.017.028,80 €

Infrastructure of the Logistics and Industrial
Activities Zone (ZALI)

Investment estimated at 14.2 million euros, with an estimated completion date of June 2021. However, the construction of the first phase of the ZALI's infrastructure has been completed since June 2019.

The execution of the project involves, in addition to the respective technical execution projects, the removal of the material deposited in the intervention area, the dredging of the 1st establishment of the basin adjacent to its seafront and the construction of the infrastructures required for its operation, namely roads and service networks.

The execution of this project reaffirms the Port of Aveiro as a competitive logistics hub in the Atlantic Corridor of the TEN-T. The objective is to provide the port with the necessary infrastructures and means, taking into consideration the existing expansion area in the port area, to offer a business reception area and project cargo, with privileged access to port terminals and/or a private dock, served by decongested railway connections. 


  1. Approval date - 19-02-2018
  2. Start date - 25-02-2016
  3. Completion date - 31-12-2019
  4. Total cost - 14.249.641,30 €
  5. Total eligible cost - 7.490.634,17 €
  6. European Union financial support - FCOES – 6.367.039,04 €
  7. National public financial support - APA, S.A. – 7.882.602,26 € 

Construction of a 200 meter quay in
the Logistics and Industrial Activities Zone (ZALI)

This project consists of the construction of a 200 meter long quay in the ZALI, in front of the ASMI II Offshore wind energy component production unit.

This investment is estimated at 6.6 million euros, and is expected to be completed in January 2021.


Construction of an Intermodal Terminal in
the Logistics and Industrial Activities Zone (ZALI)

Construction of a railway terminal in the ZALI, in an area adjacent to the container and ro-ro cargo terminal, with the objective of increasing the maritime-rail connectivity of the Port of Aveiro. This project is in the design phase.


Logistic Single Window

This project translates the total digitalisation of the logistic chains which use the national ports, through the evolution and extension of the Port Single Window.

This project aims to expand information flow management throughout the entire logistics chain, integrating maritime transport and national ports with land transport means and the connection to dry ports, in a logic of intermodality, as well as the connection to the foreland (international ports).


  1. Public Investment: € 5.1 M

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