Port of Aveiro grows 9.54% up till May 2021

22 JUN. 2021


Best result ever in the first five months of the year

The traffic of the Port of Aveiro registered in the first five months of 2021 was 2.3 million tonnes, 4.72% more than the previous maximum recorded for the same period (2019), establishing a new historical mark for this port infrastructure.

In comparison with the year 2020, until May 2021, a growth of 9.54% in tonnes handled stands out. This growth was registered in all types of cargo, with emphasis on break bulk general cargo, with an increase of 15% (780,220 tons), and for the segment of liquid bulk, with an increase of 14.3%, with a movement of 594,580 tons.

In that period 39 more ships called at the port of Aveiro, in a total of 449 ships, which translated into an increase of 9,51%, and an increase of 10,27% GT.

The month of May registered an exponential growth of 36.6% with a movement of 461,144 tons compared with May 2020, a data also revealing the recovery of the national industry.

The goods that contributed most to the result achieved were chemical, metallurgical and agri-food products. The structures and components for wind power, almost doubled the tonnage moved, reflecting the growing importance of the Port of Aveiro for onshore and offshore wind power industry.

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