Port of Aveiro ends the third quarter growing 4.5%

13 OUT. 2022


The Port of Aveiro grew 4.5% until September, comparing to the same period of the previous year, moving 4,365,536 tons.

The Breakbulk Cargo, with a growth of 17.7%, moved 1,604,388 tons compared to the same period last year and was the type of cargo with the best performance. Exports maintained a remarkable growth rhythm compared to the same period the previous year, with 20.1% more.

Regarding the goods that during the period under review, registered the highest growth, the highlight goes to forest products, non-metallic minerals, wind energy components and cement, all with a double digit growth.

Until September 799 ships called at the Port of Aveiro, corresponding to an increase of 6.3% in GT and 1.3% in the average length of vessels.

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