Port of Aveiro carries out maintenance dredging with aggregate replacement south of Barra

06 JUL. 2023


Eduardo Feio and Carlos Monteiro, respectively President and Administrator of the Board of Directors of the Port of Aveiro, on 4th july, supervised the dredging work being carried out in the Barra, the main channel and the Darsena of this port infrastructure.

This dredging is due to the need to restore, in some areas, the level of service that guarantees normal navigational conditions for the commercial fleet that uses the port.

It is estimated that the quantities to be dredged by the two dredgers assigned to this contract will be around 410,000 m3, at a cost of around 900,000 euros. The work will be carried out by Rhode Nielsen A/S under the contract for maintenance dredging of the bottom of the Port of Aveiro, signed in April 2022. This is the 3rd intervention carried out under this contract.

All the inert material removed from the intervention areas, consisting mainly of sand, will be dumped south of Barra, in front of the Costa Nova headlands, in order to strengthen the coastal drift and the dune cord.

In the last 10 years alone, APA, S.A. has deposited around 8 million cubic metres of sediment from harbour dredging in this area, helping to minimise the coastal erosion that has affected this coastal area, with the consequent retreat of the coastline and danger to people and property.





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