Ports of Aveiro and A Coruña discuss ways to collaborate in the development of renewable energy, with a focus on the offshore sector

13 JUL. 2023


  • The directors of the Port of A Coruña visited the Port of Aveiro to share strategies for growth and economic development in the sector of offshore energy.

Yesterday, the Port of Aveiro received a visit from the President and General Director of the Port Authority of A Coruña, Martín Prado and Juan Freire respectively.

During the morning, the two port authorities met and had the opportunity to discuss and analyse the possibility of collaborating on strategic projects, with a focus on offshore renewable energy.

Decarbonisation projects and the possibility of creating a maritime green corridor between Aveiro and A Coruña were also discussed.

The Port of A Coruña aims to become a hub for the manufacture of offshore wind components destined for northern Europe through its outer port of Punta Lagosteira, and currently has a number of interested companies in the pipeline.

It should be noted that the Port of Aveiro, in addition to being one of the main ports for the transhipment of components for the wind industry, has within its port area an industrial unit for the manufacture of offshore wind energy components, CSWIND Portugal, and a call for the interest of 3 plots of land in ZALI, with a total surface area of 192,090 m², for the installation of industrial units in this sector.   

At the end of the visit, the Presidents of the two Port Authorities, Eduardo Feio and Martín Freire, reaffirmed the need to deepen the relationship between the two ports, taking advantage of the existing synergies, with a view to developing not only the offshore industry and renewable energies, but also decarbonisation by promoting the use of green energies.

This visit follows the participation of both port authorities in the WindEurope Ports Platform, an association promoting the use of wind energy in Europe.

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