Port of Aveiro, with the support of the University of Aveiro, holds a workshop on "Co-developing solutions for biodiversity and climate resilience".

24 JAN. 2024


On 22 January, the Port of Aveiro and the University of Aveiro held a workshop in the ECOMARE auditorium on "Co-developing solutions for biodiversity and climate resilience", where the projects "ReGreen - Sustainable Management Plan and Valorization of Green Spaces" and "A-AAGORA - Blueprint For Atlantic-Arctic Agora On Cross-Sectoral Cooperation For Restoration Of Marine And Coastal Ecosystems And Increased Climate Resilience Through Transformative Innovation " were presented.

This project aims to involve not only local councils and municipalities, but also civil society, with a view to raising awareness and environmental education. The project will start in November 2023 and is expected to last for three years.

The A-AAGORA project, which covers various issues related to climate resilience/coastal erosion, biodiversity and decarbonization of mobility, aims to co-develop nature-based methodologies that can be implemented in coastal areas. This European project, developed in the Atlantic and Arctic basins, is coordinated by the University of Aveiro, started in late 2022, and partners the Ports of Aveiro and Figueira da Foz.

This partnership is based, among other things, on work or projects related to decarbonization and sustainable mobility. Decarbonization scenarios have already been developed, as well as a web-based CO2 emissions calculator that allows the quantification of emissions from the mobility of people and goods to and from the port, in all associated modes of transport.

The aim of this carbon emissions calculator is to increase the knowledge and awareness of the port community and the general public by comparing alternative scenarios, such as different fuels and means of transport, and the importance of reducing carbon emissions, among other things, contributing to the goal of achieving carbon neutrality across Europe by 2050.

With 3 different levels of complexity, this carbon emissions calculator allows you to calculate the individual CO2 emissions of a vessel, heavy or light vehicle, locomotive, port equipment, as well as the savings in fossil fuel emissions by opting for alternative low carbon fuels. Similarly, the emissions of a fleet or even an entire logistics chain can be calculated, combining different modes of transport in a single calculation.

The free web-based Carbon Emissions Calculator can be used by the entire port community, companies and the general public and is already available on the websites of the Ports of Aveiro and Figueira da Foz ( and

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