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This terminal is prepared for the handling agri-food cargo, with 400 m of quays and it is able to dock ships up to 200 m. Its characteristics allow it to dock vessels with average draught of 9.75m. Equipped with excellent railway connections, it has embankments prepared to accommodate logistics units.

Sograin-Socarpor is located in these facilities. This logistics unit is considered to be one of the most advanced in the country, in the agri-food sector, whose main characteristics include.

Main features

  1. 60,000 Tonnes of storage capacity in metal silos;
  2. Vessel unloading rates of 1000 tonnes/hour;
  3. Ecological mobile hopper with a capacity of 200 m3;
  4. Fully covered vessel-silo and silo-truck/train automatic transport system;
  5. Automatic flow weighing system;
  6. Independent electronic weighing systems for trucks and wagons;
  7. Fully automated control room;
  8. Loading/unloading of trucks in covered areas;
  9. Wagon loading system.


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